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Why Diet Fads Don't Work & the Importance of All 3 Macros

There's an insane amount of confusion going around anymore about macronutrients...AKA, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If you haven't noticed...there's tons of diet fads out there—past & present—trying to convince the world to eliminate one of these nutritional necessities. It's wild how people will do and claim just about anything to make a buck.

...These fad know what I'm talking about—low carb or Keto (don't even get me started), low-fat, etc. aren't going to be your ticket to optimal health & reaching and SUSTAINING your goals.

And then there's how many weight-loss pills on the market. I'm willing to bet if you've never tried one of the many 'weight-loss' products, like pills, meal replacement shakes, etc., it's at least crossed your mind. But it's such a waste of money, and in my opinions bunch of marketing BS. DON'T fall for it!

Macronutrients—again, that's proteins, carbohydrates, and fats—are essential for our bodies to function optimally. We need all three in our diets in order to thrive, so following a trendy diet that cuts one of these out...not a good idea.

And if you're all for the Keto craze & have heard how people claim it helped them lose 'so much weight'...the thing that no one claiming they lost weight on Keto ever seems to report is how they ate PRIOR to 'going Keto'. More than likely, they're eating much more nutritious food than they were before they hopped on the Keto wagon.

If you're going from a crappy diet of fried/fast food, take out, tons of refined sugar and processed food, high amounts of sodium, and cake & ice cream on the reg and you switch to a cleaner diet where you're eating more wholesome, REAL foods...of course you're going to lose weight & feel better!

But you do not have to eliminate carbohydrates...a VITAL macronutrient, in order to do so. THAT is why so many people can't sustain a Keto diet...because our bodies require healthy, complex carbs, to function properly.

When you go so long restricting yourself from complex carbs, you're bound to crash & give into the sweet, 'bad' cravings that will present themselves to you due to restricting yourself of this macronutrient.

And if you're still convinced that Keto is your ticket to burning fat...I have one more comment:

the stored body fat that you're trying to get rid of & burn off is from consuming too many calories, not carbohydrates. Calories in vs. calories out.

Here are some solid sources of each macronutrient that you can easily incorporate into your diet, whether you follow a diet that's omnivorous, vegan, vegetarian, etc.:



-Organic chicken, eggs, turkey; grass-fed beef, etc. *For any animal protein, steer clear of any antibiotics or hormones*

-Wild-caught fish, like salmon, tuna, etc. *Avoid farm-raised*

-Greek yogurt

-Beans & Legumes

Complex Carbohydrates:

-Sweet potatoes


-Quinoa, farro, brown rice, etc. *Always swap brown rice for white rice; think of white rice as brown rice stripped of its nutrients*

-Whole grain & whole wheat bread

Healthy Fats:


-Natural nut butter

-Nuts & seeds

-Extra virgin olive oil & coconut oil

...and then always get your in season fresh fruits & ALLLL the veggies! Don't forget about your fiber!

It can be pretty simple to get a healthy amount of each macro in with every meal.

Here's an example of a day for an omnivorous diet & vegetarian diet (straight from my meal plans I set my nutrition clients up with):

Omnivorous diet:


  • Sweet berry omelet…made of egg whites, coconut oil, pure maple syrup, some berries, and Greek yogurt. Roughly 275 calories, 30g protein, 25g carbohydrates, & 6g fat.

  • Egg & cheese oatmeal...made of oats, an egg, parmesan cheese, some veggies, and extra virgin olive oil. Roughly 315 calories, 22g protein, 35g carbohydrates, & 15g fat.


  • Buffalo chicken bowl...made of chicken, spinach, black beans, tomatoes, corn, avocado, hot sauce, and garlic. Roughly 300 calories, 30g protein, 22g carbohydrates, & 7g fat.


  • Shrimp & brown rice stir fry…made of: shrimp, brown rice, peppers, broccoli, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, honey, low-sodium chicken broth. Roughly 370 calories, 32g protein, 20g carbohydrates, & 7g fat.

Vegetarian diet:


  • Banana-Nut smoothie…a blend of a clean protein powder, natural nut butter, chia seeds, half of a banana, unsweetened nut or non-dairy milk, cinnamon, & ice. Roughly 345 calories, 26g protein, 20g carbohydrates, & 16g fat.

  • Overnight oats...combination of oats, clean protein powder, nut butter, honey or pure maple syrup, chia seeds, cinnamon, and unsweetened nut or non-dairy milk. Roughly 325 calories, 30g protein, 27g carbohydrates, & 7g fat.


  • Veggie wrap w/ brown rice…made from hummus, lots of fresh cut veggies, spinach, shredded cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and a serving of brown rice. Roughly 400 calories, 16g protein, 40g carbohydrates, & 14g fat.


  • Taco quinoa salad…made from quinoa, tomatoes, corn, black beans, onion, extra virgin olive oil, shredded cheese, seasonings & spices…Roughly 450 calories, 18g protein, 55g carbohydrates, & 10g fat.

Don't live a restricted lifestyle...that only leads to burnout & failure.

Eat your protein, your complex carbs, your healthy fats; get your fiber; eat the rainbow & of course, your greens; & treat yourself with pleasure foods, too, every once in a while!

Fuel your body & thrive on!

xo Mackenzie.

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