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Hi friend! I'm Mackenzie, and I want to thank you SO much for coming to my site.

I'm a small-town PA girl turned nutritionist, personal trainer, and fitness coach living in Jersey City, NJ, right outside of NYC.

Big fan of gettin' crafty in my kitchen, being active & working out daily, and have a *somewhat* guilty pleasure for getting fueled by motivational podcasts.


Kenzi's Kravings is the place where I'll be sharing healthy (and yummy) recipes, fitness advice & workouts, and my tips & tricks to help you live the healthy lifestyle you deserve. So, if you're into fitness and nutrition, or if you're looking for some guidance in these areas, you came to the right place.

I've been super into nutrition and exercising since my early teens. I’ve put in countless hours researching food, studying different ‘diets’, and testing out different exercise/workout regimes. My passion for the health and fitness industry has lead me to where I am today…helping people through nutrition guidance and meal planning, and customized workout programs.

Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals sets my freaking soul on fire. To me, there’s nothing better than helping people build self-confidence, love their bodies, and develop a healthy relationship with food.


I started my website and blog as a platform to reach more people and build a community. And, as a place to share my knowledge and advice. Of course, I’m still learning each day, but I love to share as I go!


I promise to work my butt off to deliver meaningful content here on the reg, whether it be blog posts where I share fitness and/or nutrition advice, recipe-share posts, posts about life in general, different workout challenges and downloads/videos I create, etc.

This is also the place where I'll be offering my (coming soon) products and services. :)


So, I would love it if you’d keep up with me here, and also follow me on Instagram if you don’t already! I’m @kenz_fitnutrist. That’s where I’ll keep you up to date on when I publish a new blog post, any goodies I have available, sneak peaks of things to come, etc. And of course  always answering any questions!


I’m glad you’re here.

xo Mackenzie.

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