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Top Tips to Fast-Track Healthy Fat Loss

6 tips to get in tip-top shape.


Tip #1. Eat low-cal veggies at most meals.

Veggies are insanely voluminous. Meaning—you can eat a lot and fill up for the little amount of calories they provide. The fiber content that comes with most veggies will also help you feel full, and promote healthy digestion & movement through your system.

Try to fill up on veggies before you chow down on your main course at lunch or dinner. Or, you could even make veggies your main course! A stir fry, big roasted veggie salad, a big bowl of ratatouille, etc.

And if you don't start out with anything before your main thang, try filling half of your plate with veggies!

Tip #2. Never miss a healthy meal twice.

If you do 'slip up'—and you will, don't let one 'unhealthy' meal ruin your whole day or week.

Enjoy whatever it is that you had, and don't dwell on it. Accept it, move on, and make the next meal you have a healthy one.

80/20, baby! As long as you're following a solid, balanced plan MOST of the time, you can totally get away with having a treat here & there!

Tip #3. Prioritize protein.

Along with getting your veggies in with most of your meals, aim to get protein at each meal, too. You don't have to go crazy over getting loads of protein, but you want to make sure that you're not below your necessities, either.

Starting your day with a protein-packed breakfast is great for promoting healthy fat loss. That keeps you full, focused, and energized. One of my favorite protein-rich breakfasts is Overnight Oats.

Protein satisfies hunger—so eating something high in good, clean & complete protein right off the bat will keep you content & well as less inclined to snack sporadically & overeat later at night.

Tip #4. Reduce snacking & mindless munchies.

Snacking can be a huge obstacle keeping you from your fat loss goals.

If you're a snacker, try to limit yourself to 1-2 snacks a day. And aim to snack SMART. A smart snack would be something high in protein, or a piece of fruit. The protein keeps you full & satisfied, as mentioned before; and the fruit is also a great option because it will give ya energy & help enhance your hydration, too!

Smart snack examples:

  • Plain Greek yogurt

  • Apple slices w/ cinnamon or nut butter

  • 1 oz raw nuts/seeds

  • A CLEAN protein bar (half or whole...depending on your goals & caloric needs) absolute favorite is Nocow protein bars. *YUM*

  • Veggies & hummus

Tip #5. Strength train.

When you lift weights, your body burns calories both during AND after your workout.

If you're accustomed to doing cardio, that causes your body to lose fat and muscle. So, you'll lose any lean muscle that you already have and prevent gaining any that you could if you're not strength training, too, to counteract this.

Strength training helps raise your BMR (base metabolic rate) because lifting weights helps add more lean muscle to your frame *when you incorporate a healthy diet, of course*. When you have more lean muscle on your body, it will burn more calories while at rest because it takes more energy for your body to maintain muscle than it does fat.

So, lift some weights!

Tip #6. Increase daily activity.

  • Get those 10,000+ steps in on the reg! Little things add up over time.

  • Simple ways to rev up your NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis):

  • Park further away from your destination to bump up your steps

  • Walk or bike to work instead of driving, if your commute offers that option

  • If you're located in a city, get off the bus/subway a stop before the one you normally hop off at *if the weather permits*

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Stretch while you watch TV

I hope these 6 simple hacks are helpful & you use them to help you reach your fitness goals!

Hit me up with any questions in the comments, DM, or email!

xo Mackenzie

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