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Gluten free Strawberry Shortcake

It's easy, it's healthy, & it's gluten-free.What more reason could you need to try this out?!

...PLUS, it's the perfect summer-style dessert!

healthy strawberry shortcake

...& If you don't have or love strawberries, you can totally use any in-season fruit you blueberries or banana slices!

Healthy Gluten-free Strawberry Shortcake



  • 2 cups almond flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

  • 2 eggs

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

  • ¼ cup sugar free maple syrup

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1 tbsp stevia (or sugar substitute of choice)...I used truvia, which is my favorite sugar substitute!

Topping ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, washed & sliced

  • 1 cup nonfat plain (or vanilla) Greek yogurt

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • 1-2 tsp stevia or coconut sugar


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and set aside a parchment-lined, or greased, 8x8 baking pan.

  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, coconut oil, syrup, vanilla, and stevia until smooth & fluffy.

  3. Add the flour and baking powder to the egg mixture, and stir well until fully combined and smooth.

  4. Transfer the mixture to the baking dish. Use a spatula to smooth out the top and create a flat, even surface. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, or until lightly golden.

  5. While the shortcake bakes, whisk together the yogurt, vanilla, and stevia or coconut sugar in a small bowl. Let chill in the fridge.

  6. Remove the cake from the oven and let cool completely. Then spread the yogurt mixture onto the cake and top with strawberries.

  7. Slice it up into 9 even pieces & enjoy!

healthy, gluten-free strawberry shortcake


For vegan & dairy-free substitutions:

  • Replace the eggs with 2 flax eggs

  • Use dairy-free yogurt like coconut, cashew, or almond instead of Greek yogurt

Let me know if you give this recipe a try!

xo Mackenzie.

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