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How to Manage Cravings

Food cravings are often a huge barrier that keep people from achieving their goals.

It's completely normal to have cravings throughout the day—everyone does. So instead of trying to get rid of them for good, you should try to find strategies to help you control & satisfy them in a healthy, mindful way.

Awareness is key here.

If you're constantly battling the temptations of overeating junk food at night, don't keep it in your house, or don't buy the 'jumbo' option.

If you have trouble with your control over snacking at work, quit putting yourself in a place where reaching for the snacks is so easy and/or distract yourself from them.

There's quite a few different ways to control/manage cravings.

Some tips that I highly recommend:

  • Plan foods into your day that satisfy your cravings.

  • Steer clear of any restrictive diets.

  • Avoid buying the 'shareable' bags of your favorite processed foods.

  • Recognize that cravings are totally normal, but you have control over them—they don't control you.

  • Give in & have the thing you're craving *but just a little bit*.

Ever notice how the more you tell yourself *or someone else tells you* you can't have something, the more you want it?

If you allow yourself to have a small portion of something you really want, you can satisfy that craving and avoid falling off the wagon later that can come as a result of feeling restricted. As long as you're following an overall healthy diet, there's no harm in having a small amount of your favorite treats once in a while.

Once you're aware of your cravings and have accepted that they're normal and you can't just get rid of them, the next move you make should be to plan for them.

For example, if you know you're going to crave something sweet after dinner, plan for it.

Schedule that after-dinner dessert into your 'daily allowance', and then you can plan the rest of your meals around that accordingly. That's how you'll be able to enjoy your little treat, while remaining on track towards achieving your goals.

Bottom line, the things that will help you most with cravings are being aware of them & accepting that they're NORMAL, and then understanding that you are COMPLETELY in control of them.

It's not easy...and struggling with controlling/managing cravings is to be expected.

It's all about finding ways to combat your cravings that work best for you.

You'll give into cravings from time to time, but instead of beating yourself up over it, use those times as learning opportunities and try to develop strategies to help you manage them long-term.

xo Mackenzie.

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